Meet Oregon – Part 1

On Thursday, July 17, Wyatt and I will arrive in Oregon. One question we get a lot is “Why are you going to Oregon to trial medical cannabis for Wyatt?”

Good question. There are now 23 states that have medical cannabis laws. Nearly half the country. However, the only one that allows people who are not a resident of their state to participate is Oregon. This means we can visit without permanently relocating to see if it helps Wyatt.

A common follow-up question is, “So how will you get the medicine?” We’ll meet with a doctor when we arrive who will help verify that Wyatt qualifies for Oregon’s program. We’ll fill out some paperwork to register with their program and then Wyatt will legally be able to obtain medicine. We have chosen to work with a biotech start-up company to help us navigate the process. We personally know another family who worked with them and had a very positive experience.

Next question is, “What if it works?” We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but since the program in Minnesota is at least another year away from providing medicine to patients we will need to consider moving. More to come on that in the coming weeks …

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