Meet Oregon – Part 2 – Travel/Settling In

As I was packing everything up, making Wyatt’s keto food, printing boarding passes, you know, all the mundane things you do before a big trip, I was filled with such a feeling of anticipation. But a feeling that was more than anticipation, like excitement, fear of the unknown, joy, love, gratitude all rolled into one. The last time I felt that way was was the night before Wyatt was born. His C-Section was scheduled so we knew that at 8:30 the next morning our lives would change forever and our family would finally meet our little Wyatt.

Our trip has gone smoothly so far.

We made it through airport security with Wyatt’s Keto food, stroller and car seat. Even made it to the gate on time. Wyatt yelled a lot on the plane but he won people over anyway. A very nice flight attendant even came over and asked if she could play with him in the galley. He obliged and impressed the ladies with his good looks and brute strength. Then he pulled the hair of the lady in front of us … he is good but not perfect.

After we arrived in Portland we brought Wyatt to the clinic to be evaluated for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. The appointment was in a clinic in the Pearl district. The doctor was very nice. It was a little different than a typical clinic experience in that the waiting room music had a little more classic rock than Mayo. Not a bad thing since Mayo only plays elevator music.

We then filed all the paperwork and mailed it to the state. Wyatt is now legally able to participate in Oregon’s program.

We won’t be starting him on the medicine until next week. We chose to work with a biotech start-up firm to help us navigate the science of medical cannabis. The first thing they will do is meet with us today to orient us to their research-based approach. We are anxious to start, but appreciate this step where they will take the time to get to know Wyatt and his individual medical needs and educate me on the potential of cannabis. We often hear about THC and CBD but there are more than 60 cannabinoids that could have medical applications. More to come as I learn more …

This trip will be hard as we will miss Jeremy and EJ like crazy, but we will make the best of it. Oregon is a beautiful state and the people we have met here have been very kind. We are looking forward to going on lots of road trips and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Relevant Link:
Portland Alternative Clinic



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