The Scientific Method – Days 1 and 2

Wyatt had his first doses of the first cohort of cannabis plant profiles on Sunday. And guess what happened? Nothing. Frogs didn’t fall from the sky. The fourth horseman of the apocalypse didn’t arrive at our door. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows either. It wasn’t magical. It was just like any other day when he tried a new medicine. He just took his first dose of medicine with his lunch and then took his afternoon nap.

Subsequently, he has been taking very small doses throughout the day and night to see if we can zero in on both the minimum amount needed to control his seizures and the right frequency based on his metabolism.

Basically, we are using the scientific method – just like every medicine we have used to treat his epilepsy. We are treating him with doses that are very small and adjusting up (or down) – still within a very small, low-dose range. This is the same method we have used with other pharmaceuticals – start small, watch for changes and if we find a dose that works, stay there. We just haven’t found a dose that works with other medications.

We are closely observing him for any changes in behaviors and changes in seizures. We are documenting things in great detail, but for purposes of this blog, we are seeing some positive effects.

Yesterday he only had four very short clusters, which is about half his baseline number. He was also very sleepy. We would obviously like him to be more awake, but we’ll take a day with fewer seizures as a good start. We still have lots of options to try so we’ll just follow the process and see what happens.

Science is a great thing. Cannabis isn’t magic. It is medicine.



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