Cautiously Optimistic – Day 6

Wyatt just completed Day 6 of his cannabis trial. We are seeing about a 70 percent reduction in his seizures! That is unprecedented for Wyatt. Since his diagnosis, we haven’t seen results like that with anything else we have tried. There are some side effects. He is sleeping soundly at night and taking two short naps during the day. He is also hungrier than normal in the morning. (When he is hungry or tired he is crabby, so we are trying to work out the kinks of our new schedule with his restricted Ketogenic diet.)

On the spectrum of side-effects that Wyatt has been exposed to (like vision loss, immune-system suppression, liver damage and death) or experienced (insomnia, loss of coordination, sedation, anger, etc.) these are very reasonable (the solid sleep for him at night is very welcome!)

We are cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to maintain these results and continue to improve on them over the next few weeks.

Then we’ll have to figure out what to do next …



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