Work in Progress – Day 8

After seeing some great results up through day 6, we have since lost much of seizure control we originally observed. This may be due to many factors including not zeroing in on the right dosing levels or Wyatt’s metabolism, etc. (He also lost some of the positive side-effects like sleep. He was up for two hours ready to hang out and play between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m.!)

However, we still have lots of things to try and dosing tweaks we can do while we are here. We know there is still potential for cannabis to work since we saw evidence that it can reduce his seizures. Today we started cohort B (a different set of plant profiles that have evidence for treating epilepsy) at the dose that seemed to be most effective with cohort A. He is two doses in. I’ll be reporting on results in the next few days. Pray for improvement, sustainable improvement.

This tinkering with plant profiles and dosing reminds me very much of the Keto diet. (Which, if you know my experience with Keto or have administered it, it is A LOT of work.) What I like about Keto, is what I like about cannabis. There are lots of options and the ability to customize based on the patient.

I am really glad there are lots of cannabis options to trial in Oregon because different people respond to different combinations of cannabinoids.

#meetcannabis #wholeplant #hopeful




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