Finding the right path – Day 12

We have learned some interesting things over the past 2 weeks.

1) Wyatt seems to have had the best response on Cohort A

2) His next best days were when we switched from A to B and then back to A again. Interesting.

So, we’ll test out Cohort C next and watch to see if things improve during the transition again and/or see if he generally responds better to C. If he responds better to C we’ll fine-tune dosing of that cohort. If he doesn’t we’ll go back to A and adjust dosing and timing to get the best response we can while we are here.

In other news, our adorable little lab rat has been really happy and alert. He is trying to walk quite a bit and for some reason pulling my hair. (Ouch! We are working on “gentle touch.” He is very gentle with pets, just not his momma.) He is playing with his collection of toys quite independently, too.

Also, the angry outbursts and other possible withdrawal symptoms that had been concerning me since weaning from Onfi (his last benzodiazepine) have been noticeably absent regardless of seizure activity. (Bonus!)


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