Dear Future Minnesota Manufacturers

My hopes for the future manufacturers of Minnesota’s program are simply to put patients first with a commitment to quality, diversity of plants, consistency and affordability. I have high expectations and anything less isn’t good enough for Wyatt or any of the patients that could benefit from this program. We need manufacturers with the highest standards and the biggest hearts to ensure our program is implemented well.

Here’s what I’ve learned that I hope could be helpful in setting up Minnesota’s program: first, as with all medications and medicinals, one size does not fit all … different patients respond differently to the various cannabinoid profiles of different plants. With that, it will be important to allow genetic diversity, a large variety of strains, so that patients can evaluate different options effectively.

Second, we need manufacturers who can achieve predictable quality through consistent and safe growing and manufacturing methods. You must be able to certify that patients are getting the specific cannabinoid profile that’s matched to them. It is a tremendous, long-term responsibility. For Wyatt, it could mean the difference between having a good day with his family or having hundreds of seizures.

Additionally, data and observation is really important to help systematically match the right cannabinoid profile with the right patient in the first place. We need to gather the data to help all patients who may benefit now and in the future.

Finally, the medicinals need to be affordable. Unfortunately, the cost will not be covered by health insurance and sick people need to have cannabis as an affordable option. Keeping costs low to ensure patients can participate and access the safe medicinals they need will ensure that Minnesota’s program puts the needs of patients first.


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