Back in time – Day 22

Over the last nine days through all of our experimenting Wyatt has only had an average of about a 30% reduction in seizures. This is making me want to go back in time to Days 4 and 5 where we saw the best control – around 70%. I am going to try to recreate that day with the same dosing and cohort A. We’ll also try to tease our which strain in A is most effective. We have just over a week left here in Oregon and we want to try to maximize control if we can.

C didn’t deliver as much as I wanted it to in reducing intensity so we took that cohort out of the equation for now.

There seems to be so much potential here and lots of options (we have very quickly tried 15 strains in the three different infusions and there are more that have helped folks with seizures) but we are running out of time to experiment and it breaks my heart.

It has been a true blessing to spend all this one-on-one time with Wyatt. He is such a sweet little character. I love him so much. He is persistent in all that he sets out to do and keeps working on his independent walking. I am beyond impressed and know he will keep it up when we get home.

Wyatt and I have been making friends and keeping very busy. We continue to see the sites around Eugene. We have met some “cannamoms” that can truly relate to the challenges, the tweaking and fine-tuning of treating a child with cannabis. I am so grateful they are here.




2 thoughts on “Back in time – Day 22

    • No. 😦 Due to federal law we can’t bring it home. Also, Minnesota’s program won’t be running for another year at the earliest and we would have to trial and error whatever medicinals are created in the state. I know MDH is working hard to find patient-centric manufacturers. So there could be good options but not for a while.

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