Home Again

We are back in Minnesota. Wyatt’s trial with medical cannabis is over for now. He had no problems transitioning off the medicine since cannabis has a really short half-life (aka the time spent in the body’s systems.) We did observe some lingering seizure control the first couple days, but not as much yesterday.

On a positive note, we haven’t observed any substantial changes to the skills he gained while we were in Oregon. I hope we don’t, unless they are to steadily improve. (Yay for our little walker!)

It is great to be home again with our family together, but Oregon will beckon. The main objective of our trip was accomplished. We know that cannabis is DEFINITELY medicine when used properly. We also know that it can help mitigate Wyatt’s seizures. However, I still want more. There are so many more cannabinoid profiles left to try to find the right one that maximizes his seizure control. Thirty days wasn’t enough time to find the best one. Now comes the difficult decision of what to do next …

We haven’t made any official decisions on our next steps. We are praying for some clear direction to help us make a good decision for our entire family and for Wyatt. We meet with his neurologist next week and maybe we’ll get some more insight that will help inform our decision.

PS – We did make the most of our last week in Oregon as a family. Here are some pics of our adventures.






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